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The Freedom of Information Act, FOIA [5 USC 552(a)(2)(D)], requires that certain documents of interest to the general public be published electronically. DOJ-EOIR is making these documents available to the general public in electronic form.

Appeal Type Description
Case Appeal Case Appeal
MTR BIA BIA Motion (not bond)
DD Visa Appeal or motion related to DHS decisions on Family-based immigrant petitions, the revocation of family-based immigrant petitions, and the revalidation of family-based immigrant petitions (except orphan petitions)
Appeal of IJ MTR Appeal of Immigration Judge's Denial of a Motion to Reopen or Motion to Reconsider
Bond Appeal Bond Appeal (not including zero bond)
Circuit Court Remand Federal Court Remand
Interlocutory Appeal Appeal filed before a final decision is rendered by an Immigration Judge, including appeal from Immigration Judge's order of administrative closure, denial of a motion to change venue, motion for continuance, as well as appeal from Immigration Judge's grant of reopening or reconsideration
DD Fines Appeal or motion related to DHS decisions regarding administrative fines and penalties under 8 C.F.R. part 1280
DD 212 Appeal or motion related to DHS decisions regarding waivers of inadmissibility for nonimmigrants under §212(d)(3)(ii) of the INA
DD Bond Appeal or motion related to DHS decisions regarding bond
Bond MTR Rec Bond Motion to Reconsider
Bond MTR Reo Bond Motion to Reopen
Bond MTR Rei Bond Motion to Reinstate
Zero Bond Appeal Custody review by Immigration Judge prior to initiation of removal proceedings, but in DHS custody
SC Appeal Appeal of Immigration Judge's decision of custody status pending removal from the United States (continued detention review merits hearing) 8 CFR 1241.14(i)
RC Appeal DHS appeal of Immigration Judge's decision that DHS has not met its burden of showing reasonable cause to go forward with a continued detention review merits hearing 8 CFR 2141.14(h)
AMSA Appeal  Appeal of Immigration Judge's Denial of a Motion to set aside prior determination proceedings 8 CFR 1241.14(k)(6)


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